It all began when Air Conditioner made #starchat on IRC.
Due to his rising popularity amongst a certain group of users, his channel got relatively much visitors.
Most of them got ops.
It all went great until one day.
On that day, AC suddenly became a dick, leading to him pussying out of IRC.
He told everyone about this descision of him.
Except for me.
He then gave the #starchat lead to darkfox via G-Mail chat.
Meanwhile, dots went apeshit with his op power on #starchat against me.
I told AC.
However, for some reason, he thought I knew about him leaving IRC for a while.
He then proceeded to get pissed.
Dots and Toast got pissed as well.
This proved I had less influence than, for example, dots, on #starchat.
I did not care much about that.
What I did really care about at that moment was AC's descision.
I did not know this was happening.
Darkfox then proceeded to think he needed "advisors".
They became dots, which I didn't think was a good idea after what happened, and Fugudev, whom I didn't really know.
The only frequent #starchat visitors with only ops left were bandit and me.
Darkfox, who had the lead now, and bandit then gave each other their G-Mail adresses, so they could use them to chat.
This made bandit involved as well.
My ops on #starchat had become completely useless and I was of no power anymore, surrounded by only people who had.

More shit has yet to hit the fan...